Rena with her iconic "Cat Eyes!"

"Do you know what is the sin?
It isn't because you ate the forbidden fruit.

Do you know what is the sin?
It isn't because you listened to the serpent.

You still don't know what is the sin?
Then, that itself is your sin."

-Frederica Bernkastel

The Higurashi Archives is an attempt to catalog and preserve as many Higurashi production items as possible. I am always seeking new Higurashi items to add to the archive! These items will be preserved under strict preservation standards including, non-acidic backings and being stored in a Fire-Proof, Flood-Proof, safe.

News & Updates

7/24/2012New Mion Douga from Epsiode 1 added
7/14/2012Hanyuu Exhibit Opened! A rare complete douga set from Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Kai Episode 7 of everyone's favorite Anime God!
7/1/2012Rare Hanyuu Exhibit Confirmed for Mid July!
6/30/2012Collection Renamed and Re-Opened as the "Higurashi Archives"

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Title Last Updated
My Anime Cels (3) 5/24/2012
Season 1 Episode 1 (14) 7/24/2012
Season 1 Episode 13 (1) 8/19/2012
Season 1 Episode 8 (4) 8/31/2012
Season 2 Episode 12 (1) 8/20/2012
Season 2 Episode 4 (18) 6/30/2012
Season 2 Episode 7 (8) 7/14/2012
Season 2 Opening (3) 8/24/2012
Season 3 Episode 1 (2) 6/30/2012
Season 3 Episode 1 Planning (21) 7/1/2012
Season 3 Episode 2 (9) 8/14/2012
Season 3 Episode 5 (13) 8/7/2012

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